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Wire, ‘Object 47′ (PinkFlag)

“Please let me help you remember / Your memory’s shot / You’ve lost the plot.” That refrain — from the caustically chiding “Mekon Headman” — is more than just a finger-jabbing offer of, um, assistance. It captions Wire’s clever twist on the career retrospective: Revisit all phases of your career with new material. “One of Us” nods to the art-damaged punk of Pink Flag and Chairs Missing; “Hard Currency” and “Are You Ready” indulge the band’s midcareer weakness for danceable drones; and “All Fours” revs up the incendiary roar these fifty-somethings perfected on the recent Read & Burn EP series. Scuffed-up and brainy, Object 47 finds Wire still beguiling after all these years.



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