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Voting Heats Up in Spin’s Hot Pursuit

Sample some of the entrants and cast your vote for the best new band in Spin, Hennessy, and Music Nation's talent search.

Three weeks ago, voting kicked off in the second annual installment of the Hot Pursuit, a talent search presented by Spin magazine, Hennessy, and Music Nation, and already the polls are hot with chatter and — best of all — plenty of awesome new acts to check out.

Join this year’s judges — songwriter Butch Walker, Peter Bjorn & John’s Peter Moren, the Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer, comedian Michael Showalter, and Spin editor Doug Brod — and cast your vote for the best band. The winner of the Hot Pursuit will earn a record deal with Original Signal/Epic Records, a brand-new Gibson SG guitar and bass, national press coverage in Spin, and a slot to perform at Spin’s Year in Music party.

Head over to the Hot Pursuit site, check out some of the bands, and cast your vote for whomever rocks the most. Or, you can enter your band to win! Here are a few new bands on our radar this week:

– The five ladies of Los Angeles’ Rocket mash punk rock’s forward motion, girl-group lyrical delivery, and arena-filling power-pop into a slick package of chunky hooks, sing-alongs, and catch guitar riffs. Visit their Hot Pursuit page >>>

– With ’60s British Invasion-style jangling guitars, harmonious backing vocals, well-played verse-chorus-verse songwriting, and a swaggering message of love, New York City’s power trio London Egg notch as one of the Hot Pursuit’s most promising acts yet. Visit their Hot Pursuit page >>>

– If you’re into catchy, ragged garage-pop a la the Dead Milkmen, check out San Antonio, TX’s the Offbeats, whose tune “Poke-a-Dot” hooks with lackadaisical vocal spits, scrappy guitars, and chillin’-in-my-parents’-basement slack. Visit their Hot Pursuit page >>>