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El Madmo, ‘El Madmo’ (Team Love)

El Madmo is the indie outfit that provides multiplatinum, adult-contemporary chanteuse Norah Jones a chance to — as the disc’s rollicking set-closer puts it — “Rock Yer Balls Off.” Jones and Co. typically veer toward twerpy new wave: The frenetically lustful “Carlo!” channels pre-indie goofs the Dead Milkmen and tweaks a classic line from South Park’s Cartman: “I’ll knit him a sweater.” With its cooed vocals and simple, seductive riff, “The Best Part” could be mistaken for a choice Go-Go’s B-side, and snot-nosed snark abounds: Jangly foot-stomper “Vampire Guy” even threatens to reveal an ex-boyfriend’s Depends habit. Endearingly bratty.



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