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New MP3: Bound Stems, “Happens to Us All Otherwise”

Bound Stems

My feelings for Bound Stems wavered dramatically between their debut EP, The Logic of Building the Body Plan (which led to their anointment as a Artist of the Day) and their full-length debut, Appreciation Night. My main beef was that the best stuff on the album was all culled from that stellar initial EP.

But “Happens to Us All Otherwise,” the first taste of the band’s next album, The Family Afloat, forecasts a solid sophomore set from the Chicago quintet. Frontman Bobby Gallivan’s endearing, conversational delivery has acquired a bit more soul, making him sound like a nerdier G. Love, minus the hip-hop references. Unfolding into a raucous chorus, this is the kind of heir-to-Built-to-Spill stuff we loved about Bound Stems from the beginning. Definitely download-worthy.

The band is also touring this summer, and will be selling advance copies of The Family Afloat at their shows, which kick off at Chicago’s Schubas on July 11. Check their official site for details.

Now Hear This: “Happens to Us All Otherwise” (DOWNLOAD MP3)