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Pattern Is Movement


What’s the Deal? Artful Philly bred duo melds traces of the ’70s with glitchy chamber pop, replete with warm keyboards and billowing walls of well-orchestrated sound. Rich layers of antique-inspired accents, erratic and driving drums, and sweetly double-tracked vocals are wound tightly together at a consistent and energetic pace. The clarity-filled formula is one that works — and the band’s latest effort All Together (May 6, Hometapes) is epic and understated in its own right. Ears will experience excitement with the heavy drum funk, flutes, and drumroll fury on tracks like “Trolley Friend” or the ambient cricket chirps on one of the many nature niche songs such as “Peach Trees.”

Who? PIM consists of an innovative pair of friends from Philadelphia with a constant creative craving. Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward crafted All Together based on a bunch of abandoned photographs found on the Philly streets by Thiboldeaux’s brother. This spring sees the two traversing across the country invading intimate spaces with its intricate indie art gems.

Fun Fact: Thiboldeaux and Ward were both raised in strict religious households and met at the ages of 13 and 14 while performing in a Christian hip-hop group, bonding over their sinful and secular love for Dr. Dre’s seminal album, The Chronic.

Now Hear This: “Bird” DOWNLOAD MP3, “Right Away” DOWNLOAD MP3

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