New Stream: Motion City Soundtrack, “Fell In Love Without You”


Stripping down five gems from their latest effort, 2007’s acclaimed set Even If It Kills Me, Minneapolis-based pop-punkers Motion City Soundtrack will release an acoustic EP May 6 via iTunes, notably arriving with a downtrot, sincere rendition of catchy ballad “Fell In Love Without You.”

“Only time will tell / If violins will swell / In memory of what we used to call in love,” frontman Justin Pierre laments in the tune, as plodding pianos chords and thick acoustic snaps ride his love-sick quiver, bringing a entirely newborn intimacy to the once upbeat, straight-to-the-jugular thrasher.

Stream “Fell In Love Without You,” and head to iTunes May 6 to download the entire EP, including acoustic takes on “It Had to Be You,” “Broken Heart,” and “Point of Extinction.” And be sure to pick up the original, electrified album Even If It Kills Me in its entirety for good measure.

Fans can catch MCS in the flesh performing their new tunes live on the Honda Civic Tour with Panic at the Disco, Phantom Planet, and the Hush Sound this spring.

Now Hear This: Motion City Soundtrack, “Fell In Love Without You”


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