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Switches Sample Canada’s Food and Drink

Roll with Switches frontman Matt Bishop and his daring, rock’n’roll foodies as they test out Canadian staple poutine and get tipsy on a Bloody Mary-esque cocktail called the Ceasar.

2/13, Toronto, Ontario: Sneaky Dees

A freezing blizzard and a seriously cold venue failed to thwart our desire to sample some typical Canadian grub. After the gig, Thom and I took a taxi across this snow filled city to hit my favorite grimy rock bar in Toronto, Sneaky Dee’s. We were recommended the Canadian fast food staple poutine (essentially fries caked in gravy and cheese curds), which I washed down with my favorite Canadian cocktail, the Caesar, a Clamato-based drink very similar to a Bloody Mary, the ingredients being:

6 oz. Mott’s Clamato Juice1 oz. Vodka2 Dashes Tabasco Sauce2 Dashes Worcestershire SauceCelery SaltFreshly Ground PepperLime/Lemon wedgeCrisp Celery StalkThoroughly English in his food tastes, Thom found the whole poutine affair a little strange, passing on the Caesar altogether, opting for more traditional ale.

For more on Bishop’s gastronomic escapades through the U.S., check in with each day this week to read a new blog entry detailing the frontman, and his daring crew’s eclectic eating habits while on their U.S. tour supporting new LP, Lay Down the Law. From Texas BBQ to New England clam chowder, their findings are tummy rumbling to say the least!

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