The Submarines


What’s the Deal? L.A. couple’s garage pop mishmash sounds like Nina from the Cardigans singing karaoke atop your favorite ’80s and ’90s vinyl. Blake Hazard’s button-cute voice is the duo’s favorite weapon, whether layered atop xylophones and electric piano on “Swimming Pool” or Morcheeba-esque, dubbed-out trip hop on “1940.”

Who? The Submarines are Hazard and John Dragonetti. And yes, it’s true: They’re a real-life couple whose 2006 debut, Declare a New State — we profiled the video for that album’s “Peace and Hate” — was written in the wake of a big break-up, then recorded after the make-up. Take that, ye enemies of romance! The 2008 SXSW performers’ next release, Honeysuckle Weeks (out in May), is born from their enduring union, something Blake addresses in the cutesy but cautious “You, Me and the Bourgeoise” (Download MP3). “Love can free us from all excess, from our deepest debt,” she sings. “‘Cause when our hearts are full, we need much less.” Couldn’t you just…awww?

Fun Fact: A rather dramatic placement in an episode of boob job drama Nip/Tuck helped propel the band to new heights of popularity. During the show’s Season 4 finale, the characters lip synced to the Submarines’ “Brighter Discontent” — check out the clip:

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The Submarines, “You, Me and the Bourgeoise” DOWNLOAD MP3

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Catch the Submarines at SXSW ’08 on Friday, March 14, 10 P.M., at Momo’s.


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