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FM Belfast


What’s the Deal? After a friend described this outfit as “an Icelandic Hot Chip who decorate everything with Christmas lights,” we instantly lamented not seeing them in Austin. And we felt even worse after checking their MySpace.It’s gloriously kitchy, Commodore-64-style digipop, sung in gleefully off-kilter accented English. Kind of like a low-fi version of Royksopp.

Who? According to their official website, FM Belfast includes eight members, but we can’t seem to find any evidence that all eight members play in the band at any given time. After a few gigs in Austin and a few in NYC (including one about two blocks from this writer’s front stoop!), FM Belfast isn’t scheduled for more gigs until two U.K. festivals in September: Isle of Wight’s Bestival and Dorset’s End of the Road.

Fun Fact: FM Belfast doesn’t need a frilly rock venue to get down: They rocked a bookstore for their Iceland Airwaves performance this year.

Now Watch This: FM Belfast, “Frequency”

Now Hear This: FM Belfast, “Tropical”