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Time Again Draw the ‘Line’

A message to those who think that punk music doesn’t exist anymore, Los Angeles-bred rabble-rousers Time Again has a bone to pick with you. While the band’s head quote on their MySpace page declares “Punk’s not dead,” mohawked middle-agers who got the chance to witness the Sex Pistols in their heyday might beg to differ, but even some purists won’t be able to argue with the fierceness of first-pumping anthem “Lines Are Faded.” Here, Time Again charge through with equal parts melody and rage — vocalist Daniel Dart’s gravelly voice meshes well with the crunchy three-chord structure of the tune. Dart growls, “So I stand up / looking to the sky / amidst this world covered with lies,” before launching into an impassioned bridge and a pretty sweet guitar solo, courtesy of guitarist Elijah Reyes. Sure, guitar solos aren’t exactly “punk” — then again, the first rule of punk rock is that there are no rules, and in that case, Time Again stay true to their craft. Their sophomore studio effort, Darker Days, drops on Feb. 19, via Hellcat Records.

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