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Upload and Personal



A.K.A. Hannah Rarick

AGE: 20

HQ: Lancaster, Ohio

DAY JOB: Bank teller

SPECIALTY: TV appearances, movie clips, and old commercials featuring the Monkees

CLIPS POSTED: 135 in five months

UPLOAD TIME: Two hours a day, but she’s done 12 hours straight

WHY DO THEY DO IT: I love the Monkees so much felt others should be able to experience them, too. They are so much better than today’s music.”

CHOICE CLIP: A scene from a 1971 Brady Bunch episode, where Marcia begs frontman Davy Jones to play at her prom



A.K.A. Tommy Toma

AGE: 50

HQ: Staten Island, New York

DAY JOB: Owns a cleaning company

SPECIALTY: AM radio gold, set to slide shows of puppies, teddy bears, and smooching couples

CLIPS POSTED: More than 940

UPLOAD TIME: Three hours a day; fields 1,000 requests a week

WHY DO THEY DO IT: “I always wanted to be a VJ for MTV; this might be as close as I come…unless my wife kicks me out for cluttering our house with vinyl.”

CHOICE CLIP: Christopher Cross’ 1983 three-hanky elegy “Think of Laura,” illustrated with photos of first lady Laura Bush

TYPICAL VIEWER RESPONSE: “Laura Bush is total class. I bet she was a babe when she was younger.”


A.K.A. Matthew Rodriguez

AGE: 27

HQ: New York City

DAY JOB: Middle-school teacher

SPECIALTY: Live clips, official videos, and homemade visual mash-ups of Interpol

CLIPS POSTED: More than 44

UPLOAD TIME: Up to four hours a day

WHY DO THEY DO IT: “To keep in touch with other Interpol fans. We’re all sort of introverted and alienated — that’s why we need each other.”

CHOICE CLIP: A homemade video for “Pace Is the Trick,” which uses footage from David Lynch’s silent short The Grandmother

TYPICAL VIEWER RESPONSE: “This song is comparable to beethoven and that shit.”