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Right On Dynamite Blow Up, Try to ‘Let It Go’

Before becoming a wedded Harvard grad, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomobanged out post-grunge, fuzzy pop bliss with playful naivety — atradition that Brooklyn trio Right On Dynamite are more than happy tomaintain. Like 1994’s Weezer (The Blue Album), “Won’t Let ItGo” is a welcome reprieve from brooding and over-serious rock,showcasing Right On Dynamite’s poised and snappy manner. Deliveringhigh spirits in handclaps and slight xylophone dings, the track’sgleeful sound is effortless, while clear, crisp power chords are set toa low rumble. Eventually a section of undeniable oh oh ohsignites into a squealing guitar freak-out only to be quickly smoothedby the reprise of the simple verse melody. Lyrically, the trackaddresses a short fuse and the testing of patience but the contagiouschorus insists that “it’s not your fault” if this Dynamite blows. The”Won’t Let It Go” seven-inch, which also includes a spunky TedLeo-tinged B-side titled “Wrong, Too Right,” drops this week via theStandpipe label.

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