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News Roundup: Radiohead, the Kinks, R.E.M.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, resting on the heels of welcoming 2008 with a webcast performance of latest LP In Rainbows,revealed in an interview with BBC 4’s Today program, that album closer”Videotape” is “my favorite thing we’ve ever created.” Yorke, soonfrightened by the chattering radio waves, returns to the solace of theweb. [Via]

As if his holidays weren’t busy enough, Yorke emerges yet again to reply to an article in The Times of London,which claimed Radiohead walked away from negotiations with EMI afterthe label refused to provide the band with “an extraordinary amount ofmoney.” Yorke, in a blog posted to,said “that is a lie,” and stated the quintet only requested furthercontrol of their past albums, the copyrights to which the labelcurrently owns. [Via]

Taking a cue from, well, Led Zeppelin, the Pixies, and My Bloody Valentine, and many other reunited bands, Ray Davies, principal of seminal Brit rockers the Kinks,will make amends with brother and guitarist Dave and reform for analbum and tour. Threatened by the Davies’ soon-to-be rekindled,tumultuous brotherly relationship, Oasis’ Liam Gallagher punchesbrother Noel. [Via Daily Mail]

Sure, Michael Stipe revealed its release date, but guess what? Now that road-tested, forthcoming R.E.M. record, their 14th studio LP to date and follow up to 2004’s Around the Sun, has a name: Accelerate. Chef Mario Batali celebrates his pal’s latest musical venture by hitting the town with Thom Yorke. Cheers! [Via]