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Delta Spirit

Who? Delta Spirit comes from San Diego, where bassistJon Jameson and drummer Brandon Young started the group Noise Ratchetin 1999. They signed to Rick Rubin’s American label but the band didn’tlast, and soon after meeting vocalist Matthew Vasquez, guitarist SeanWalker and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Winrich, the boys joined forcesto form Delta Spirit. After releasing the EP, I Think I’ve Found It, in 2006, the band hit the road with Cold War Kids, Dr. Dog and Tokyo Police Club; the Ode to Sunshine LP was self-released earlier this fall.

What’s the Deal?The group’s instruments are shiny and crisp, and Vasquez brings an edgeto the songs with his gritty vocals. At times, they may be loud, butthey always have their sound under control, like on the sweeping”Strange Vine” that features punchy piano hits paired with a brashtambourine and buttery harmonies. The title track echoes theBeatles-influenced melodies of Dr. Dog, and “Trashcan” sounds as if thegroup ripped a page out of Cold War Kids’ song diary.

Fun Fact:Delta Spirit intends to record new material as they travel across thenation. But instead of holing up in a studio at each locale, the groupconverted their studio into a mobile recording rig so they can lay downtracks at any time.

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