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The Battle of Land and Sea

Who? The Battle of Land and Sea began as a collectionof four-track home recordings by singer/songwriter Sarah O’Shura duringan inspired weekend in early 2006. After enlisting the help of longtimecollaborator Joshua Canny — the two began playing together seven yearsago when O’Shura met the former metal axeman at her second gig — theduo recorded a handful of songs for a self-released EP that landed thema featured artist slot on MySpace and a deal with Austin-based label,Notenuf; their self-titled studio full-length arrives Jan. 15.

What’s the Deal?O’Shura’s lonesome melodies combine the dreamy melancholy of Mazzy Starwith the smoky sway of Cat Power and the wintry folk of Maria Taylorwhile Canny’s sparse, atmospheric guitar leads — which sound likethey’re being played underwater — shimmer behind mournful tales ofseparation and loss, often centered around, appropriately, the sea.Backed by little more than guitar and the occasional tambourine andbanjo, haunting tracks like “Six Days,” the reverb heavy “You Are aSailor,” and the album’s catchiest offering “The Beautiful Ones” inducea reflective nostalgia that make you want to call your ex.

Fun Fact: O’Shura has a little secret about the recording of The Battle of Land and Sea.”I like to imagine people listening to the record and them not having aclue that I recorded part of it nude,” O’Shura tells “I’m nottelling which songs though.”

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