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The Scarlet Win the Hot Pursuit!

The results are in: triumphing over more than 5,000 othercompetitors, Yorktown Heights, NY-based trio the Scarlet have beenselected by an esteemed panel of judges — alt-rock statesman PerryFarrell, Cursive and the Good Life frontman Tim Kasher, and Spin editor Doug Brod — as the winner of the Hot Pursuit, Spinmagazine, and Music Nation’s online challenge in search of the nextbreakout rock act. And these boys are in for a holiday season full ofspoils; the band will receive a record deal with Original SignalRecordings/Epic Records, a slot on the bill at Spin‘s alwaysanticipated, always packed annual SXSW party at Stubb’s in Austin, TX,and song inclusion on an upcoming 2K Sports video game.

To notify the Scarlet, Brod and Spinpresident Tom Hartle, along with representatives from Original Signaland Music Nation, rang the band to give them the news. And the Scarletsimply couldn’t believe their ears: “When you say win, do you mean likeenter the finals?” asked vocalist Marc Spatafore. “Marc, you won,”confirmed David Wallace of Original Signal.

But the realkicker came when Farrell jumped on the line. “Not only are you talentedbut you have a great sense of humor underlying things, which isimportant because it shows depth and intelligence,” the Satellite Partyfrontman said. “You have a great sound for a party.” And that’s exactlywhat was in store for the band — Marc Spatafore, Ian McGuinness, andTJ Dumser celebrated last night (Dec. 18) at the Spin holiday party at New York City bar Angels and Kings.

Now Hear This:
The complete congratulatory phone call with the Scarlet