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Kim Deal Reveals the Breeders’ ‘Battles’; Jack Johnson to Drop ‘Static’ LP in Feb.

Plus news on Minor Threat and Elbow.

The Breeders’ forthcoming album Mountain Battles, the follow up to 2002’s Title TK, is all set to arrive April 8 via 4AD. But with the six years between records, and nothing to show for it but a one-off Pixies reunion tour (where’s the album!?), fans have a few questions for frontwoman Kim Deal — many of which were answered in a recent interview with Pitchfork.

Partiallyindebted to her rootsy approach, shunning Pro Tools and opting fortraditional recording techniques, Deal states the album’s delay is alsocourtesy of conflicting schedules. “There’s an actual band, and I ownactual instruments, and actual tubes have to be replaced, and peopleactually have to fly in, and they have lives, and you have to go overthe song,” Deal said, “because remember, this is tape.”

Sheadded: “I’m not the quickest, most prolific writer either. I wouldnever pretend to be. I don’t think prolific-ness is equal to quality atall. I would rather have one song that people actually like than 15songs that they can barely stand.” And of those songs is “Regalame EstaNoche” and “German Studies,” on which Kim and sister Kelley Deal tapped a language coach and sang in Spanish and German, respectively.

Andbriefly touching on the subject of the much-mooted Pixies reunionrecord, Deal again curbs optimism, and explains the non-existentreunion record’s constant media attention. “I think it gets talkedabout whenever Charles [Thompson, a.k.a. Frank Black] has anyrelease, which is often. I have a feeling that’s when he talks about itmore than anything. Because him and Joe haven’t gotten together towrite any songs, so I think it’s kind of something to bring up wheneverhe needs press. That’s the only time I hear about it. I have no idea,dude.”

Jack Johnson to Drop ‘Static’ LP in Feb.

Emerging from the ocean, dropping the surfboard and again picking up the acoustic guitar, Hawaii-based singer/songwriter Jack Johnson has announced the release of Sleep Through the Static,his forthcoming set due Feb. 5 via Brushfire/Universal. Recorded in hiseco-friendly L.A. studio using 100 percent solar energy, the new albumwill feature bassist Merlo Podlewski, drummer Adam Topol, andpianist/accordionist Zach Gill, plus the work of producer JP Plunier,the same knob-twiddler behind Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales.

“Some of the songs on this album are about making babies. Some of the songs are about raising them,” Johnson told Billboard.comabout the album’s material. “Some of the songs are about the world thatthese children will grow up in; a world of war and love, and hate, andtime and space. Some of the songs are about saying goodbye to people Ilove and will miss.”

For a taste of the forthcoming record,head to iTunes now to download its first single, “If I Had Eyes,” orget it free for pre-ordering the complete album.

Sleep Through the Static tracklisting:

1. “All at Once”
2. “Sleep Through the Static”
3. “Hope”
4. “Angel”
5. “Enemy”
6. “If I Had Eyes”
7. “Same Girl”
8. “What You Thought You Need”
9. “Adrift”
10. “Go On”
11. “They Do, They Don’t”
12. “While We Wait”
13. “Monsoon”
14. “Losing Key”

Ian MacKaye Gives Minor Threat Sauce Seal of Approval

Ian MacKaye, the renowned vegan, anti-establishment former frontman of hardcore outfit Minor Threat,has — quite oddly — given his seal of approval to a sauce produced byBrooklyn-based Wheelhouse Pickles borrowing Minor Threat’s name, reports.But there’s one condition: the company, which sent MacKaye a sample oftheir sauce — concocted from a rare, mild breed of habanero peppers –will be forced to shed the label’s illustration, which is similar toMinor Threat’s infamous “Bottled Violence” imagery. Despite the, ahem,minor detail, the approval comes as a success for Wheelhouse Pickles,especially in light of MacKaye’s past legal issues, including aninfamous run in with Nike. What’s swaying MacKaye? Well, it’sapparently all in the taste. “I don’t have an occasion to eat a lot ofhot sauce, but I also thought the Minor Threat stuff was nice.” [Via]

Elbow Unveil ‘Seldom Seen’ New LP

Manchester, England’s alt-rockers Elbow have revealed The Seldom Seen Kid, the title for the follow up to 2005’s Leaders of the Free World and the quintet’s fourth LP to date, slated to tentatively drop in March of 2008, reports.The forthcoming set was recorded in their hometown digs, BlueprintStudios, and was produced by Craig Potter, the band’s keyboard player.

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