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November 2007

Imani Coppola, Minipop, and Handsome Furs all made our list of songs and videos you need to download now.

As 2007 winds to a close, we feel personally responsible for usheringthe year’s gems straight to your ears and eyes. And among the latestmaking the cut: 15 songs ranging from Imani Coppola’s newfound punksonic on “Woke Up White,” to the dreamy “Like I Do” from Minipop, tothe ’80s grooves of Sam Sparro’s “Black and Gold.” Tunes from Birds ofAvalon, Georgie James, and A Place to Bury Stranger, among others, alsoappear on our list. And don’t forget the videos: Handsome Furs, Spoon,Hangar 18, and Animal Collective all show with must-see dual-sensoryexperiences.

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