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Lupe Fiasco

1 JEANS “These are special Levi’s from Japan called Flu, with all types of reflective doodads. I’m a big denim guy. Jeans are probably the only thing I’ll wear more than once or twice. The most expensive pair of jeans I ever had were $1,100.”

2 REEBOK JACKET “This is from my deal with Reebok — in the end, they only made one pair of Lupe shoes. I wore the jacket to a Nike party. Some of the Nike execs were there — they weren’t feeling it.”

3 KANYE WEST’S 30th BIRTHDAY INVITE “The party was at the Louis Vuitton store in New York. I doubt they’ll let us back, though — there was mad theft. They left everything out on the shelves!”

4 GOYARD BAG “It’s a very expensive bag [about $1,500]. There’s probably underwear, socks, deodorant in there. This is for day trips, but it’s odd because my day trips are like, ‘I’m going to London for two days, I’ll be back. I’m just gonna take the Goyard.’ “

5 CAMOUFLAGE BOOK “This is the most comprehensive study of camouflage ever; it’s called Disruptive Pattern Material. It was written by a friend of mine, designer Hardy Blechman, who has a clothing line called Maharishi. I probably have about $10,000 worth of his clothes in a box somewhere.”

6 WEE NINJA DOLL “That’s made by my homies who have a company called Shawnimals. Now they’re doing a video game called Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS. I wear a miniature one on my belt.”

7 SKATEBOARD DECK “This is the deck that inspired the cover of my debut, Food & Liquor. [The basement of this house] is the only place I skate around here. I made holes in the walls.”

8 LYRIC BOOKS “These are all my rhymes from high school; this is one of my earliest ones. This is gold right here, gold! I used to collect words and phrases, like ‘butter knife,’ ‘subterranean,’ ‘psychedelic.’ “

9 SWORD “My father taught me that you have to treat a sword like a person. It has a soul. That’s the [Japanese] way. Some kids were playing with my sword and disgraced it, so I bent it. It’s dead. I was gonna bury it, but I didn’t want to just put it in the Dumpster!”

10 KEEPSAKES “This is my box of memories. Here’s an old BlackBerry, my high school ID, my first checking-account card. When I got my first record deal, there was $3,000 in it. Now there’s $20 in it. I still keep it, just in case I need that $20.”