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Bloc Party Put Your Feet In ‘Flux’

On A Weekend in the City, the follow up to their much-hyped debut Silent Alarm,Bloc Party took their spunky indie rock deep into the London streetswith glossy, nightclub numbers. Now the band is back with the Flux digital EP, which coincides with the special digital reissue of Weekend, complete with a fresh single in the vein of the LP’s thumping midnight pulse — the sparkling beat-backed ballad “Flux.”

Thetrack once again pairs the band with Grammy Award-winning producerJacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, U2) for a colossal club track overflowingwith electronic textures. While the live version — which Bloc Partyrecently premiered on Late Night with Conan O’Brien — had theband’s neo-new wave guitars at the forefront, the studio take favorshypnotic hisses and the atmospherics of a MicroKorg synthesizer,inviting a frantic strobe light and a pair of quick feet. Frontman KeleOkereke is hot-wired through a vocoder (almost like R&B croonerT-Pain) but not even robotic effects can drain the emotion from hissignature wail as he insists, “We need to talk!” Sure, Kele, we’ll havea sit down — but not until we finish dancing. The digital-only Flux EP, complete with select remixes and bonus tracks, drops Nov. 20 via the Vice label.

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