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White Stripes Sell Cameras; T.I. Arrested on Gun Charges

Though evidently not intended to snap shots of the candy colored duo onstage, Detroit-bred rockers the White Stripeshave unveiled a line of effect-heavy lomographic cameras for the artschool aspirations in all of us. Arriving as a “Meg” Diana camera and a”Jack” Holga camera, featuring a custom filter and a ringflashaccessory (enabling 3-D shadow imaging) and a handful of custom filtersand a fisheye lens accessory, respectively, the cameras are availablefor order starting today (Oct. 15) via the band’s website.And here, the early bird gets the worm, or whatever it is this “mysterygift” the first 333 fans to order the camera are awarded.

T.I. Arrested On Gun Charges

Possibly taking a cue from these guys, Atlanta-based rapper T.I., a.k.a. Clifford Harris,was arrested Saturday afternoon (Oct. 13) on charges of attempting tobuy illegal machine guns. The arrest, which derailed T.I.’s scheduledappearance at the BET Awards Show, stemmed from an incident severaldays earlier, when Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agentsarrested the rapper’s bodyguard for attempting to buy the guns forT.I., a felony considering his past criminal record. The bodyguard, anunidentified man, then aided agents in setting up a sting on T.I. “Thisconvicted felon allegedly was trying to add several machine guns to analready large and entirely illegal arsenal of guns,” David E. Nahmias,U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, said in astatement. “Thanks to the good and quick work of ATF, he is now incustody and his firearms have been seized.”

“Thisinvestigation developed very quickly,” said Vanessa McLemore, specialagent in charge of ATF’s Atlanta Division. “We learned only thisWednesday that the cooperating witness was allegedly buying the machineguns for Harris. The cooperating witness told Harris on Thursday thathe had obtained the items, and on Friday Harris made it clear that hewanted them delivered to him [Saturday]. Harris then agreed to meet andtook possession of the machine guns [Saturday] afternoon. He now facesserious federal charges and a potentially long prison sentence.” [ via Retuers]

Lily Allen Label Head?

Lily Allen — Brit songbird extraordinaire, speculated supergroup constituent, admitted booze hound, victim of U.S. border policy, and now, possibly a record label head. That’s right, according to U.K.’s Mirror,Allen has ditched her management company and is now in the beginningstages of constructing a label her very own. “Lily has a wise head onher shoulders and is really excited about the idea of having her ownbusiness empire,” an unnamed ‘insider’ told the paper. “She lovesmaking music but she’s also brilliant at spotting talent, as she was inthe underground scene for a few years before her career took off… Lilyspotted Kate [Nash] a while ago and was emailing the movers and shakersin the industry to watch out for her. She also encouraged Kate to useMySpace as a tool to get her music out there, and to write blogs to herfans.” Best of luck on the new venture!

White House Responds to Radiohead’s ‘Rainbows’

With their industry-defying release In Rainbows, Radioheadhave become popular conversational subject matter from the watercoolers of corporate America, to hip art school coffee houses, and now,the press rooms of the White House. According to The Washington Times,deputy press secretary Tony Fratto, responding to a question regardingthe new record, stated he was a fan of the band and planned to purchaseIn Rainbows, though did not detail his financial contributions.White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel also weighed in,stating he does not own any Radiohead albums, but considers himself an”appreciator” of their music, while Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for theNational Security Council, is “90 percent sure” he has a few Radioheadtunes on his iPod, but, um, is sure none of the tunes are from theband’s 2003 LP Hail to the Thief, which is rumored to criticizePresident Bush. But the biggest fan over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue issurely press secretary Dana Perino: “I don’t even know what that is,”she said, “Is that a band?” [Via]