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PJ Harvey Brings New York Her Love

Miss Polly Jean Harvey, looking demure in a white Victorian-stylegown, played an electrifying set during Wednesday night’s (Oct. 10)sold-out concert at Beacon Theater. “I don’t know if you can read mydress, but these are the lyrics to my songs,” she said while gesturingto the black print on her lengthy skirt. But despite her restrainedappearance, Harvey’s raw and powerful voice came through in a set thatculled tracks from throughout her illustrious career.

Theintrepid Brit siren played classics like the growling “Man-Size,” thedefiant “Big Exit” and the remorseful “Shame.” Harvey even sat behindthe piano to play several songs off her latest effort, White Chalk,including the delicate and haunting ballad “When Under Ether.” Theaudience could barely contain themselves during the performance andshouted encouraging words throughout the night, including theexclamation “This is ridiculous!” “Did you just say I was ridiculous?”Harvey playfully asked the besotted fan. “Because I was just about toagree with you.”

We asked: PJ Harvey is both a musician and a published poet. Who is your favorite rock star that is also a writer?