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Hot Springs

Who? Montreal’s Mount Royal hasn’t been active for 125 million years, but a different ‘Volcano’ looks to erupt in Eastern Canada. The white-hot emissions are emanating from Hot Springs, a shimmering female-fronted rock powder-keg. Standout vocalist Giselle Webber has been screaming and howling her way through punk bands since age 13, and she’s aptly joined here by R�my Nadeau-Aubin on guitar, Fr�deric Sauve on bass and Anne Gauthier on drums. Debut album Volcano is currently out now via the Quire label. Playing CMJ Friday (Oct. 19) at Midway at 7 P.M.

What’s the Deal? Like a summertime moped ride on Quebec’s dirty back roads, Hot Springs barrels down the path of contemporary rock like the Geraldine Fibbers on speed. Volcano’s firecracker single, “Headrush,” sounds like ’70s-era Heart, while “Pink Money” teases with the confidence of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Webber’s bilingual vocals, often eerily reminiscent of Catatonia’s Cerys Matthews, provide a strong fluctuating dynamic fit for the buzzsaw guitar work of Nadeu-Aubin. When revved, Volcano is a blistering cat-club throw down, but its ethereal softer sides (“Annimystique”) offer sincerity for when the lights come up.

Fun Fact: Drummer Anne Gauthier and guitarist R�my Nadeau-Aubin are star siblings. Both were born on July 31, 1980.�

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