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FOB’s Pete Wentz Breaks Foot; Product of Voodoo Curse?

This past weekend during Fall Out Boy‘s set at New Orleans’ Voodoo Music Experience, all seemed to be in order; the pop punk heroes rocked out with its paparazzi-obsessed bassist Pete Wentzbounding about the stage as usual, engaged in cyclone-like spins,leaping from stacks of amplifiers. Then it all went wrong: Wentzslipped up, breaking the bone connecting his foot to his shin.

Butwhat appears to be the product of overzealous onstage acrobatics couldin fact stem from a creepy run in with otherworldly forces. As revealedto backstage just hours prior to his injury, Wentz’s path wasrecently crossed not by a black cat, but a black kitten, resulting inwhat the rocker calls “a mini-curse.” What’s more, is this encounteroccurred on the 13th day of the month. Oooooh spooky! Watch the video: