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Coheed & Cambria Slay in Sat. Set

There is a certain segment of New Orleanians who truly suck. Or, at least, would like to pretend they can suck. Largely thanks to Anne Rice, this city will be forever linked with vampire mythology, and while walking around the French Quarter’s darker corners — or even the Voodoo grounds, for that matter — it’s not at all difficult to imagine a posse of nattily-dressed, blood-sucking creatures snatching you off into the night. If we were being chased by vampires at Voodoo, and we were unable to procure garlic or wooden stakes (i.e. no kebab stand in sight), we’d settle for Coheed & Cambria on our side, and not just because they’ve crafted their own mythology with a series of albums chronicling the saga of fictional avenger Claudio Kilgannon. They also wield guitars that look like battle-axes.

We filmed some highlights from the band’s Voodoo performance, and talked with vocalist/guitarist Claudio Sanchez and guitarist Travis Stever about their own dark journeys through New Orleans. VIDEO BY JESSE BLANCO / EDITED BY JED GARFUNKEL