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Valient Thorr Hunt the Haunted in Mexico

Sometimes, when out touring with Venusians, there are these rips in the time space continuum that we have to deal with. Another one happened just outside of Milwaukee the other day (Sept. 2), and the tear was big enough for the good ship Endura to slip into.

After a mind-numbing warp we ended up in Tijuana, Mexico at an abandoned hospital in the middle of the night. There are lots of legends that surround the place and it was super creepy. Some legends say big Mexican parties are thrown on the top ballroom, also many sub-basements and possible underground water filled caverns, haunted rooms and corridors, Lizardman, and much more.

We strapped on our headlamps and powered up our cameras, and headed into the building. Almost instantly we saw slogans engraved in the floors and statues. I instantly got cold chills.

We knew as “Conspiracy Hunters” we had to explore and bust this shit wide open. We kept scaling down levels, barely dodging government security men put there to protect the secrets. We ended up in a dark basement with the rats. Four floors above, a Mexican rave was going down. We were in the thick of this shit with the ghosts of Nazis.

We ended up finding wall passages that would lead to busting through other dark rooms with dusty mirrors and ghostly reflections. We finally made it to sub zero — the bottom floor — and we removed a portion of the wall behind an old scale to get into a passageway and explore the dark realms. We were only a few feet into it when the floor dropped out and we were swept into an underground slide! It was a water cavern!

Once the spinning stopped, we were dumped into a pool only to surface and see the enormous size of this place! It was exploring time again! This time ropes had to be climbed, giant turtles had to be fought off, and mad dashes down rivers had to be done!

It was another great adventure on the Volcom Tour, and I hear our caravan will be exploring the mountains and some local legends in a few days …sounds like more conspiracies will be tackled in the wild!

To be continued…

— The Conspiracy Hunters a.k.a. Valient Thorr

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