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Dropkick Murphys Reveal ‘Massachusetts’ Roots

Name another group of brash punk rockers that can wield a banjo, tin whistle and accordion with the same snarl and fury they display when striking a power chord or throwing back a drink. In what would seem like a dreadful mismatch, Boston-bred punk brawlers Dropkick Murphys seamlessly incorporate some of the most unexpected eclecticism this side of Jethro Tull’s flute solos on “The State of Massachusetts.” A driving, Irish-flavored banjo lick and an avalanche of impassioned gang vocals are both rousing and melodic, begging for sloppy sing-alongs. Vivid storytelling and a hometown shout-out light the Murphys’ flame, resulting in a high-energy anthem but begging the question: to mosh or to jig? St. Patty’s Day comes twice this year — The Meanest of Times jigs about Sept. 18 via the band’s own label, Born & Bred.

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