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Bumbershoot Day Three; Plus More Interviews!

Seattle’s Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival logs as one of the nation’s most eclectic events; from the exotic food selections and the wide array of performing acts, to the smorgasbord of those in attendance — suburban families to urban punk youths. And on day three (Sept. 3), checked out gigs from a characteristically vast pool of hometown bands, including the goth-tinged rock of Schoolyard Heroes, the barroom brash of the Blakes, and the dusty, country harmonies of Fleet Foxes. For a quick taste, watch video of each band’s set, and check back with as more interviews and live footage are posted.

Also during the festival, caught up with Eddie Argos and Jasper Future of Brit punks Art Brut, who discuss the band’s new album It’s a Bit Complicated, summer festivals, and their imminent future on the road with the Hold Steady. Further cashing in on Bumbershoot’s collection of premier acts, we also chatted with comedian and pop mouthpiece Michael Ian Black, who playfully entertains with his best jokes, as well as tales of the “gypsy punk underground.” Ever heard of genre purveyors the Triangle Snapshots? Get hip!

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