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Go Motion

Who? Like its Omaha, Nebraska brethren, Go Motion takes cue from the electro buzz pop of the Faint, but amps up the dual-guitars for spastic dance parties of one. Albert Kurniawan and James Luther trade off intricate guitar patterns, with Kurniawan applying metallic vocals and Luther doubling up on squealing synths. Luke Mabie aptly supplies the post-punk bass bounce, and drummer David Luther holds down a seemingly never-ending backbeat pulse. Self-released debut album Kill the Love dropped earlier this year.

What’s the Deal? Kill the Love clocks in at 34 minutes across 11 tracks that sound like early Cure on HGH, though Kurniawan’s deadpan vocals borrow more from Satisfact’s Matthew Steinke than Robert Smith. “Difference in Time” pierces with incisor-like guitar cuts before dropping into a wash of no-wave analog loops without missing a dark disco beat. “Somewhere Nowhere” echoes the best of NYC art rock, and “Night at Sea” cops a night prowler vibe. The band’s name salutes early ’80s film technology, and this era is where Go Motion draws its most prevalent influence.

Fun Fact: When the Rapture dropped out of a Lollapalooza pre-party earlier this month, organizers turned to Go Motion to keep bodies moving.

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