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The Wildbirds

Who? Hailing from Appleton, Wisc., the Wildbirds’ Nicholas Stuart (vocals), Mathew Reetz (guitar), Jon Jon Fries (drums), and Hugh Masterson (bass) have a slight reputation for making noise. This comes according to the local cops, who apparently bothered the band about their loudness on a regular enough basis to necessitate them heading for the hills, literally, to record their first record. Reetz’s rural cabin became the setting where the Wildbirds created the axe-heavy sound for Golden Daze. The 11-song set drops Aug. 14 via Pat’s Record Company.

What’s the Deal? Golden Daze is the kind of record you’d expect to hear from four long-haired, cop-dodging dudes from the Midwest. It’s the sound of beer, groupies, and roadhouses that serve sloppy, BBQ-sauce covered ribs. But that isn’t to say that Stuart and his cronies are simply playing the part. Sure, they may look like good ol’ messy rockers, but this is a tight ship they’re sailing (think Kings of Leon, Jesse Malin, Cheap Trick). Songs such as the slightly boozy “Way Down Low” and the shimmying twinkle of “Shake Shake” show that a band can fit the bill of disheveled rocker without playing completely slapdash rock.

Fun Fact: The Wildbirds life on the road. Just three weeks ago, the band purchased a short bus and converted it into their new house. “We built bunk beds and installed a proper stereo system,” Stuart tells “Everything we own is in this bus, and that’s the way we like it. Being on the road, it’s the only place we feel complete…besides, if you have a cooler of beer, and a few great records, any place feels like home.”

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