Timbaland to Quit Music?

Apparently Timbaland, a.k.a. Timothy Z. Mosley, isn’t satisfied with supplying beats and glossy production to Bjork, 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, or even himself, for the production mastermind, once poised to help re-launch Britney Spears’ flopped career, may be joining the ranks of the defunct pop princess. “Music is boring right now. I’m too innovative for the world,” Timbaland said in a recent interview with Gigwise.com. “I’m about to throw in the towel. I’m about to de-crown myself and pass it over to one of the up-and-coming producers under me. They won’t be able to be me — there’s only one Timbaland.” No word yet on who this “up-and-coming,” soon-to-be crown sporting producer may be, but my money’s on this guy.

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Talk: Which wunderkind producer do you think could fill Timbaland’s shoes?


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