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Radiohead Mastering Album in NYC

Finally, after a series of website offerings, including a perplexing video montage, a wind-blown studio session, and a promising “nearly there” album update, the Radiohead machine is now firing on all five cylinders and polishing off their seventh album to date in New York City. According to a post on fan website, Oxford’s musical brainiacs have been seen all over town, including Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich’s appearance at last week’s Spoon record release party at East Village haunt, Hi-Fi. Radiohead message board lurcher ‘the king left’ was on hand at the Spoon event, where, after gathering the valor to engage his idols, gathered the band is in New York mastering their forthcoming album. Outside, the blogger’s buddy bummed Greenwood a cigarette and asked if “Nude,” a much hyped band bootleg, would appear on the new album. “Heh heh, maybe, if we can do it right,” Greenwood said. “Some people, I tell you,” the blogger complained, “Favors for favors my ass.”

But where’s Thom you ask? Trapped somewhere in the Museum of Natural History or protesting nuclear arms in front of the United Nations? Well, according to, he was enjoying lunch with a lady friend.

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Talk: Are you, much like us, mapping all potential studios in Manhattan in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Radiohead?