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The Polyphonic Spree’s Pop Gospel Gets Witnesses

Judging by their radiant energy and joyous faces, there isn’t anything more fun than being in the Polyphonic Spree. Red fabric canvassed the front of the Fine Line Cafe stage last night (July 10), and leader, vocalist Tim DeLaughter got things off to an endearing start by cutting a heart out of the middle. As the music crescendoed, two powerful gusts of confetti then exploded onto the crowd, setting the Dallas-based symphonic pop collective’s vibrant display into motion. Barely fitting on stage, the 20-plus members’ uplifting chorus soared, complete with choreographed hair-flying and head-bobbing, while offering Fragile Army cuts like “Running Away” and “Get Up and Go.” Old favorites such as “Light and Day” and Tripping Daisy’s “Sonic Bloom” were equally bright, but it was the Spree’s sing-along of Nirvana’s “Lithium” that led the audience to erupt like a junior-high schoolyard riot. As if this wasn’t enough, the Polyphonic Spree parted a human sea as they returned for their encore, which included crowd surfing by DeLaughter himself. It was like a New Year’s party had ended, complete with confetti-covered floor; quirky optimists spilled out into the night, satisfied and full of hope.

We asked: The Polyphonic Spree have switched up their signature white robes for military-style attire. If you had an entourage of 20-plus people, what kind of uniform would you have them wear?