Magnolia Electric Co. Prep Box Set

Chicago-based alt-country mavens Magnolia Electric Co. are set to introduce Sojourner, a four-disc box set featuring previously unreleased tunes and a DVD documentary, slated to arrive to store shelves Aug. 7 via Secretly Canadian, reports. As the follow up to the band’s third effort Fading Trails, Sojourner highlights unheard session tracks from the band’s 2005 debut What Comes After The Blues, and chronicles their 2006 jaunt through western Canada in a DVD documentary entitled The Road Is What You Leave Behind. Original artwork courtesy of Magnolia Electric Co.’s creative capstone, one Jason Molina, will also arrive in the collection.

“The Sojourner box is a really fitting project for Secretly Canadian and Magnolia,” said Secretly Canadian label founder Jonathan Cargill. “[We’re] celebrating its [the imprint’s] 11-year anniversary and thus our 11-year relationship with Jason Molina. We are really proud of how the project came together and think it’s a mammoth document of this musician.”

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