James Hetfield’s Beard

Although Metallica’s travel and touring visas are solidified, unlike a few other grounded bands, James Hetfield and co. ran into a few roadblocks while traveling to the London installment of Live Earth last Saturday (June 7). According to U.K.’s The Times, Metallica’s infamously dramatic frontman James Hetfield was detained in London’s Luton Airport upon the band’s arrival. The motivation for his questioning and detainment, although unexplained by airport officials or the police on hand, is speculated to have been motivated by Hetfield’s “Taliban-like” beard. Following a brief questioning, which Hetfield was able to navigate by explaining he was a “rock star,” bloggers have offered their opinions on the fracas, some finding it hilarious, while others cite despicable profiling, and some praising the officers’ decision to detain the rocker in light of the U.K.’s recent terrorist attacks.

Here’s what bloggers are saying about Hetfield’s beard and his detainment by U.K. officials:

“What surprised us, though, is that Metallica were flying in through Luton in the first place. Truly, the Lorraine Chases of heavy metal.” — Simon, xrrf.blogspot.com

“My fears have been put to rest, I know that my country is safe from any foreign incursion… this was pretty smart, they had done their research and watched Some Kind of Monster. They knew they would only be able to work on their plan for four hours per day, and would not be able to even discuss it while Mr. Hetfield wasn’t there, so by arresting him, the rest of the Jihadicca boys would not be able to plan their evil suicidal ego plot on the world.” — deliverusfromswedishfurniture.com

“Remind me never to grow a beard…” — Biog, biog.livejournal.com

“Now that is funny.” — AussieG, viewsfromabar.blogspot.com

“Oh my god! A biker terrorist!” — Milli, not-ian.livejournal.com

“I’m not sure if I should be amused or appalled at the ridiculousness of that. Right now I am leaning towards amused.” — evningwithgrace.livejournal.com

Talk: Is Metallica’s hard rock music audible terrorism?


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