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Cee-Lo Buys Jimi Hendrix Catalog

In what could be another episode of collaborations from beyond the grave, Cee-Lo has purchased a rare collection of Jimi Hendrix masters that has been shelved for over 15 years, and includes 33 tunes, reports. The collection, which showcases unreleased songs from the early ’60s, will be released at yet-to-be determined date by Cee-Lo’s newfound Radiculture imprint in conjunction with sample clearance company Alien Music Services. The Hendrix tunes will also be offered as licenses for film, TV, and special projects, the latter, which could include an album rumored to feature collaborations with the Gnarls Barkley crooner, Outkast, and Goodie Mob. “When I first heard these masters I was floored,” said Danny Zook, head of Alien Music Services. “Cee-Lo combined with Hendrix are two of the most out-of-the-box artists of all time.”

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