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Black Lips to Drop ‘Good Bad Not Evil’

The Black Lips, a self-described “flower punk” outfit known for their raucous live sets and disorderly onstage antics, have emerged from south-of-the-border and swapped the tequila and live recordings for the comforts of a hometown studio and its shiny final product — a new album! Good Bad Not Evil, the title of the Black Lips’ now complete fifth LP, will drop to store shelves Sept. 11 via Vice. As the follow up to Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo, the band’s live effort, which released in February, the new 13-track affair will deliver tunes with titles such as “How Do You Tell a Child that Someone Has Died?” “Slime & Oxygen,” and “Veni Vidi Vici.” Fans looking to witness the band’s oft-unsanitary performances, well, you’re in luck for the Black Lips will hit the road this fall in support of the new album.

Good Bad Not Evil tracklisting:

1. “Lean”
2. “Katrina”
3. “Veni Vidi Vici”
4. “Good Bad Not Evil”
5. “Navajo”
6. “Lock and Key”
7. “How Do You Tell a Child that Someone Has Died?”
8. “Bad Kids”
9. “Step Right Up”
10. “Cold Hands”
11. “Off the Block”
12. “Slime & Oxygen”
13. “Transcendental Light”

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