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Rage Against the Machine’s Website

Offer a mystifying puzzle to fervent music fans and no barrier can obstruct the truth. As was the case yesterday, when a perplexing Rage Against the Machine website surfaced, depicting two clocks counting down to an unknown event prompting fans to boil with curiosity. But a few ardent RATM-devotees channeled their inner inquisitiveness and compu-skills — likely honed while sending Anne Coulter hate mail — to discover the truth. reader jakmann enlightened by notifying that if you set your computer’s internal clock forward to June 11, the first date hinted at on, the page reveals the band will be playing a gig on the second date, Aug. 24. And there’s more: the website is registered to Live Nation Worldwide, Inc., a promoting giant which owns Alpine Valley Music Theatre, in East Troy Wisconsin. Connect the dots.

In response to the clues, bloggers are offering a wide array of emotion. And it’s not the expected. Most, considering the weight of the press stunt, are a bit dissatisfied having hoped the date would mark the release of the long-awaited, much-hyped RATM reunion album. Others, well, they’re still brewing alternate theories or mapping the route to East Troy.

Here’s what bloggers are saying about the cracked code of RATM’s website:

“Really, at this point, it’s all just mere speculation on the part of fans and music biz insiders.” —

“My theory is that the site is counting down to Macworld. That’s on Monday. Everyone wants to see the new Mac operating system. Well, I do.” — Aubin,

“Is this when Zack de la Rocha and his gang of misfits drops another bomb track on the world?” — Jim,

“Yes, they’re guerrilla marketing the whole thing, but I don’t think they are trying hard to hide something… This way the date makes it easier for the dumb to understand and we hardcore Rage heads can cook whatever we want with the ticking clocks…” — rageaddict,

“They’re allegedly playing their first headlining show (apart from Coachella) in Wisconsin… probably means that the tickets are on sale when the first timer runs out and the concerts on when the second one runs out.” — Given_to_fly,

“I think I’d prefer a new album.” — Popnfresh07,

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