Matthew Dear: An ‘Elementary Lover’

Since making his debut with 2003’s Leave Luck to Heaven, minimal techno head Matthew Dear has become quite versatile with his craft, and on his third outing, Asa Breed, Dear has finally found that savory pop hook he’s been searching for. Out via Ghostly International this week, the 13-song effort finds the Detroit-based artist stretching his signature techno stylings for rich pop experiments. The afro-pop sonics of “Elementary Lover” (next to “Pom Pom”) is one of Asa Breed‘s pop standouts. A sultry love song with plenty of airy synth beats, Dear’s heavy baritone, and subtle bass electric guitars grooves courtesy of another Ghostly act, the Mobius Band, “Elementary Lover” will make you pounce and play amidst a setting sun. Dear says it simply: “Where would be with out each other?”

“Where would we be without each other? Two un-embraced and lonely lovers,” Dear tells about the basics of “Elementary Lover.” “Everyone always comes back to girls, and I don’t have a reason for that. But it’s another basic love song — an ‘I need you because you need me’ kind of tale. It’s definitely experimental pop music to me, too. I’m not as afraid of the word as others might be. Some of the best bands in the world have been pop, or used elements of pop to define their sound. I’m very melody driven, and love a great hook.” MACKENZIE WILSON

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