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In the Spin Suite: Marky Ramone

Former Ramones drummer Marky Ramone, a.k.a. Marc Bell, has endured a brash lifetime within punk rock’s underbelly, during which he witnessed and participated in numerous landmark musical moments, all while constructing a vast array of tastes and knowledge. And luckily for last weekend’s Coachella concertgoers, the punk relic was on hand to seep his “eclectic” vinyl selections unto the desert festival, as well as a few afterparties. In preparation for his duties behind the decks, Ramone stopped through Spin‘s Coachella suite to divulge a few of his DJ faves (Green Day, Iggy Pop, Blondie, the Killers, and the Clash included), recall the NYC punk scene in the ’70s, and comment on the burgeoning number of reuniting bands — a move he admitted the Ramones, if the other three members were around today, “might have been up for.”

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