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Rodrigo y Gabriela Pay It Forward

“We don’t have set list for the tour,” announced Rodrigo Sanchez, the male half of the Mexican guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela. “We had one, but we got real bored. So you’re welcome to ask us for songs,” and the sold out Denver crowd was happy to oblige. Countless song requests echoed throughout Odgen Theatre as the Dublin-based outfit ran through an electrifying set split with originals and covers, including a furious and volatile cliff-note version of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Rodrigo y Gabriela’s riff heavy, metal-influenced acoustic rock was especially tight on tunes such as “Ixtapa” and “Satori,” both featured on the group’s latest genre-blending acoustic effort. But it was the omnipresent nods to Metallica on “Diablo Rojo” and audience sing-along to Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” that captured how far Rodrigo y Gabriela have come since busking the pedestrian malls of their Mexico City origins. BRIAN KENNEY / PHOTOS BY SOREN MCCARTY

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