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The Maccabees

Who? Formed in 2002, the Maccabees are Orlando Weeks (vocals), Hugo White (guitars), Felix White (guitar), Rupert Jarvis (bass), and Robert Dylan Thomas (drums). Hailing from Brighton, but raised in South London, the bright-eyed lads are now touring with Bloc Party, hoping to spread word about their recently released debut Colour It In.

What’s the Deal? Weeks’ voice wavers and roars with enthusiasm, and the triumphant chimes and tinkles of the White brothers’ guitars bring to mind Canadian outfit Wolf Parade. But more than anyone else, fellow Brits the Futureheads have a more substantial presence on the album’s choppy riffs and fluctuating melodies. This is especially evident in their single, “Precious Time,” with its rollercoaster of a guitar riff and Weeks’ throaty, on-the-verge-of-either-laughing-or-crying vocals, and frantic finger tapping rhythms.

Fun Fact: The band’s name is a reference to Jewish rebels that revolted against Greek rule and found independence in second century B.C., providing inspiration for the holiday of Hanukkah. But they aren’t a religious band. “It’s just a name,” their website declares. But let’s hope they last longer than eight days and eight nights. MICHELE KOURY

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