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The Fold

Who? Emerging out of the 2002 break up of pop-punks Showoff, Chicago’s the Fold went through a few incarnations before finally settling into its current lineup of vocalist/guitarist Daniel Castady, guitarist Aaron Green, bassist/vocalist Keith Mochel and drummer Mark Rhoades. The melodic pop-rock crew signed to Tooth & Nail Records in spring 2005, debuting with This Too Shall Pass early the next year. All of the requisite touring followed, including a spot at last year’s Cornerstone Festival, leading up to this week’s release of their follow up, Secrets Keep You Sick.

What’s the Deal? The Fold craft hook-laden songs brimming with pop-punk’s urgency and emo’s earnestness, falling somewhere in between Relient K and Anberlin. Influences like Far and Sunny Day Real Estate are clear, though not without 21st century spunk, where songs like “Younger Than Our Years” and first single “New Skeptic” could easily be B-sides from Fall Out Boy’s latest album. Like most of their Christian-oriented labelmates, the Fold is never overtly religious, allowing them such mass appeal that when the pulsing “Medicine” implores listeners to “put your favorite record on, go straight to your favorite song,” it’s not hard to see more than just Tooth & Nail devotees reaching for Secrets Keep You Sick.

Fun Fact: Like peers mewithoutYou and Piebald, the Fold are part of the growing number of rockers turning to vegetable oil to motor their touring asses across the country. The money they’re saving comes with a price, however — the smells of egg roll and Kung Pao Chicken wafting into the van leaves the guys craving Chinese food 24/7. COREY APAR

Now Hear This: The Fold – “New Skeptic” DOWNLOAD MP3>