Tapes ‘n Tapes Get the Ball Rolling

Just three days into to their Major League Baseball 2K7 Hit N’ Run Tour, Tapes ‘n Tapes rolled in to Music City last night (April 18), and kept the locals shouting late into the evening as they rocked through a set that included several brand new tunes. The freewheeling foursome appeared fresh and energetic, while singer Josh Grier donned a mustache and a mullet that looked more monster truck rally than indie rock.

Opening the eclectic 90-minute jam with “Just Drums,” the band kept things rollicking with a healthy dose of material from their self titled 2004 debut EP, including “Beach Girls” and “Icebergs,” and teased the crowd with three fuzzy new songs, only one of which, “Headshot,” is presently titled. With a mob of photographers snapping away up front, Tapes ‘n Tapes pumped out crowd pleasers like “Cow Bell,” “Omaha,” and “Manitoba,” complete with several short, chaotic jams and lots of shaking.

Grier pretty much summed up the night just before the encore when he addressed the audience. “You guys sure are riled up for a Wednesday night,” he shouted, half teasing, half thanking the mass of surly concertgoers. “Drink more beer, drink more beer!” DANE SMITH / PHOTOS BY KELLY COFFEE

We Asked: The tour is sponsored by MLB 2K7, a baseball game for Xbox360. When is the last time you made it to second base?


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