Sebadoh Hasn’t Changed a Bit

Eric Gaffney, Lou Barlow, and Jason Lowenstein may look like college professors these days, but they still yell and argue with the audience like they were rowdy undergrads. Playing to a full house at Philly’s North Star Bar last night (April 2), Dutch rock act Bent Moustache warmed the crowd with up-tempo horror-movie synth chords. When the classic Sebadoh lineup ambled up to the stage, the veteran indie rockers attacked their instruments with the optimistic abandon of their best lo-fi recordings — rock’n’roll’s best bits from the decade before seemed real again. In songs such as “Brand New Love,” “Ride the Darker Wave” and “Rebound,” the band mixed melodies as soothing as a liqueur buzz, drums that clang a Sparks-fueled heartbeat, and guitar leads that mock you like a drunk across the room. These elements may not initially sound like a great evening, but like the three members of Sebadoh, they leave you with your fist in the air, bellowing along, even when you can’t remember all the words. ERIC RIVERA / PHOTOS BY JAMES HAMILTON

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We asked: Since Sebadoh have made up, what divorced band would you like to see get back together?


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