QOTSA Reveal ‘Era Vulgaris’ Tracklisting

Stoner rock quartet Queens of the Stone Age have confirmed the tracklisting for Era Vulgaris, the follow up to 2005’s Lullabies to Paralyze, out late June or early July via the band’s longtime label Interscope, Billboard.com reports. The 11-song effort will feature wit-tastic tune titles such as “Make It Wit Chu,” “Suture Up Your Future,” and “I’m Designer,” all potentially delivering a lyrical departure from the past releases. Furthermore, Mark Lanegan, former Screaming Trees frontman and oft-collaborator, performs on “River in the Road.”

Era Vulgaris tracklisting:

1. “Turning on the Screw”
2. “Sick, Sick, Sick”
3. “I’m Designer”
4. “Into the Hollow”
5. “Misfit Love”
6. “Battery Acid”
7. “Make It Wit Chu”
8. “3’s & 7’s”
9. “Suture Up Your Future”
10. “River in the Road”
11. “Run Pig Run”

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