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Patrick Wolf Announces Final Performance

Although Irish popster Patrick Wolf has recently confirmed a string of U.S. performances with Amy Winehouse, the orchestra-totting singer/songwriter has now exposed his troublesome current state of affairs, and subsequently, his final show via a post at

“I have become so tired of this behaviour, sometimes I wake up and have to do six hours of interviews before doing a show, then go straight to bed to sleep a couple of hours to fly to a new country to be cross examined in the same way,” Wolf wrote. “I don’t know what is left of me sometimes…I cannot be a fake politician and sign autographs for an hour…Does this make an asshole?”

Furthermore, Wolf cites a recent incident during a New York City performance involving his nodded off drummer (“I had to slap him to see if he was even CONSCIOUS on stage…I was pissed off because this was just one more musician or businessman taking my good nature and generosity for a ride”) and his intense work regiment surrounding The Magic Position, Wolf’s third album out May 1 (“I had been running on about four hours of sleep a night for about two weeks…such is the joy of promoting a record”).

Finally, getting to the meat of his diatribe, Wolf drops the bomb: “I have made a decision, my final concert will be this November, a retrospective with an orchestra in London. I am not sure whether there will be anymore public communications after that, in fact I am pretty sure there will be none.”

But thankfully, Wolf signs off with a glimmer of hope for future material. “A creative clock is ticking and I have many, many projects to be creating with my time left on this earth.”

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