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Gruff Rhys

Who? Gruff Rhys’ name may be confusing to pronounce outside of his native Wales (for the record, it sounds like “Griff”), but the sound of his music has been crossing borders since the ’90s. On lead vocal and guitar duty for Super Furry Animals, Rhys (and Co.) stormed the States with experimental psychedelia and infectious electronic trip-pop. His second solo effort, Candylion, is out in stores now, roaring on the Team Love label.

What’s the Deal? Unlike his first outing alone, Yr Atal Genhedlaeth, Candylion finds Rhys singing mostly in English (much to the delight of most of us trying to sing along). Though Super Furry fans will find the same impish charm of his collaborative work present here, when combined with Candylion‘s touches of sweet ’60s pop, the effect is fresh and disarming.

Fun Fact: Gruff Rhys plays the guitar in a unique style. He is left-handed and learned to play on his brother’s right-handed guitar. Rather than invert the nut and re-string it he taught himself to play a right-handed guitar upside down so the bass strings are on the bottom.BRIANA MOWREY

Now Hear This: Gruff Rhys – “Candylion” DOWNLOAD MP3

Talk: Is Candylion another super furry success for Gruff Rhys?

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