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Elf Power’s Psychedelic Trip Hits Chicago.

Elf Power slid down Subterranean’s spiral staircase to deliver a contained dream pop set, lush in psychedelic sensibility, delighting concertgoers with their Southern charm and modest demeanor Thursday night (April 19). Boisterous cheering and clapping from the scattered hippie-dancing crowd defied low attendance, yet fans’ hypnotic gyration and longhaired swaying, particularly during moody post-punk tracks like “An Old Familiar Scene,” split up Elf Power’s usual folksy performance. “Come Lie Down With Me” had the country support of a Baez tune, while vocalist Andrew Rieger’s voice followed a Paul Simon vein. Jimmy Hughes’ guitar tremolo and Josh Lott’s primal drumming forcefully carried the evening’s show, while Heather McIntosh’s melancholy cello closed the curtain. With more than a decade in the biz, it nice to see that Elf Power stays true to themselves — their harmonious, peaceful vibe, a testament to the band’s Elephant 6 heritage — remains a classic. ANDREA HART / PHOTOS BY DIANA RICHTER

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