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Damon Albarn Nixes Future Gorillaz Albums

Maybe Damon Albarn is spread too thin with the colossal success of the Good, the Bad, and the Queen, or perhaps the musically revolving Brit is creating space for the much-speculated Blur reunion, but whatever the reasoning, Albarn has announced that Gorillaz, his cartoon alter-ego project with animator Jamie Hewlett, will cease to release records. In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Albarn confirmed that although Gorillaz are planning to score a film from famed Monty Python director and actor Terry Gilliam later this year, the project will be the Gorillaz’ last and “there won’t be another pop record.” Hewlett, the animation mastermind behind cartoon rockers 2D, Noodles, Russel Hobbs, and Murdoc Niccals, has yet to announce the return of the Tank Girl comic strip. Fingers crossed.

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